Vida - Patricia Engel

I can't really rate this book because I know that the thing that made the book less enjoyable to me was not a flaw.  I very strongly believe that readers don't always have to approve of the way the character acts.  They don't always have to like the characters.  What matters is that the reader is in some way invested in the story and that the characters are portrayed realistically.

I really liked this short story collection.  I couldn't understand why the main character Sabina was so drawn to the men that she dated, especially when it came to the title story.  But I did like that Engel wasn't afraid to give her characters flaws.  I think that sometimes authors want others to like their characters so much that they don't even bother giving them flaws, or they only them the flaws that we would think are adorable.  That's not the case here.

I did like the first person perspective in this story.  I thought that the writing was very strong.  I didn't like when one of the stories changed to the second person perspective.  I have nothing against second person, but it just didn't work for that particular story.  I did like it more in one of the other stories, where it's still in first person perspective but "you" is one of the characters (yet another shitty boyfriend). 

But back to the first short story that was in the second person perspective, that was about how the main character had once had an eating disorder.  I wish that had been referenced more in some of the other stories.  I felt like that was a big puzzle piece that I didn't know where to place.  I needed more pieces, but sometimes the beauty of short story cycles is that not everything is explained fully.  You get bits and pieces, but not really the entire picture.